Comprehensive hormone labs
Low Testosterone
Menopause Support
Estrogen Dominance
PMS and Abnormal periods
And more…


Full Thyroid Panels
Variety of thyroid prescription types
Autoimmune consideration
Weight Gain
And more…

Gut Health

Comprehensive stool tests
Digestive problems
Food intolerances
Bloating, gas, fatigue
And more…

Specialty Labs

Comprehensive Hormone Testing
Comprehensive Thyroid Panels
Nutritional/Micronutrient Testing
Advanced Cardiometabolic Testing
Comprehensive Stool Testing
Autoimmune testing
And more…


Genetic Testing

Uncover hidden mutations that may be affecting your health

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Complete your wellness team by having an integrative and functional medicine provider.


Someone finally listened to me.

“Dr. Jones spent an hour listening to my entire story. It’s so nice to have a doctor that actually listens! She reassured me about a few things and gave me suggestions for treating my symptoms without going back on birth control.”

— N.W.

Finally got the labs I wanted!

“…I had been wanting certain labs for years but my doctor refused to order them. I was finally able to get the labs I wanted and the answers I was seeking. As I suspected, my thyroid was not functioning properly at all…”

— C.S.

A better long-term plan.

“I actually started coming here so I could get refills of my medication without having to go to a regular doctor office and sit in a waiting room all day. Now we are working together to get off the medication entirely. Thank you.”

— R.S.